Spotlight: Castalise

We’re excited to spotlight the team at Castalise who has been building with Oasis Labs since nearly the very beginning. Easily integrable into your user’s mobile app, web app, stand-alone application, or backend infrastructure, Castalise is a privacy-preserving platform that connects the dots between a user’s multiple data sources and enables multi-use collaboration between researchers.

With Parcel’s API keys, Castalise brings simple and effective confidentiality to their users.

Read on to get to know the team at Castalise:

I’m Mahmoud Deghaim — co-founder and CEO at Castalise. I have been involved in the blockchain space since 2018 and have been fully focused on building Castalise since 2020. I shift between multiple hats daily, but I would say my main role at Castalise is as a product owner ensuring that we provide an easy, scalable, and secure way to extract value from data.

Tell us a little bit about Castalise

We are on a mission to help transition from a world of Big Data riddled with risks to a world of Open Data enabled by secure collaboration. This is why we have built a privacy-first data platform that helps businesses and institutions scale their data-driven businesses models by setting up their own data marketplaces. With Castalise, users can build, publish, and monetize services to securely maximize the value behind their data products.

Why is privacy and data sovereignty important for your product?

Most institutions that own data do not have the tools required to derive insights and/or have limited datasets that are not enough on their own to derive meaningful insights. As such, there is a massive need to collaborate; yet researchers and data scientists still lack access to quality and aggregate data.

Traditionally, collaborating over data comes with a lot of risks or requirements that either forbid or make you think twice about data sharing. In cases where data is shared, trust and legal agreements play a big role, but data owners are often left with no solid guarantees on privacy, confidentiality, or ownership.

Castalise solves this problem by introducing a new way to collaborate over projects while respecting data privacy and data sovereignty. We provide data owners with full control and visibility over how their data is consumed while allowing consumers to derive value in a privacy-preserving manner.

How did you find out about Oasis Labs?

We got in touch with Oasis Labs early on in 2019. We came across a resource published by Oasis discussing data protection in-use and, as the topic was an integral part of our solution, we reached out — and the rest is history!

What made Parcel a good fit for you? / How do you use Parcel?

Parcel helps us provide confidentiality and privacy guarantees to our users without having them dive into the complexity behind privacy-preserving technologies and blockchain. This gives institutions a scalable and affordable way to securely collaborate over projects while maintaining data privacy under compute.

What’s your favorite thing about Parcel!

The team behind Parcel has been a great support from day 1. We are also super excited about Parcel’s roadmap/continuous development and appreciate the quick integration of features proposed by the dev community.

What do you love most about your industry?

The data industry is massive and touches on all kinds of sectors and applications. Over the past decade, we have come a long way with regards to innovation, but we are still far from capturing the fullest potential behind data analytics and AI. If I were to choose one aspect that I love — I would say the challenge of helping different corporations, researchers, and individuals build connections between data sources and solve tangible real world problems.

If you’re interested in learning more about Castalise, head to their website:

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