Keeping data private with Google’s Confidential VMs

Oasis Labs is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to bring next-generation secure computing to our products.

Oasis Labs builds end-to-end software solutions that help businesses manage, analyze, and control their data to enable innovation while still ensuring data remains private and secure.  

We're excited to partner with Google Cloud Platform to bring their confidential computing product, Confidential VMs, to our platform — enabling us to provide flexible secure computing technology as part of our solutions that provide end-to-end confidentiality to our customers.

As we build products that provide end-to-end confidentiality, we need a confidential environment solution that is both scalable and flexible to meet the needs of our diverse set of customers. By partnering with Google Cloud Platform and extending our support to include Google's Confidential VMs, we can now expand our addressable use-cases to include larger, more memory-intensive workloads.


Google’s Confidential VMs

Oasis Labs products are powered by cutting-edge secure computing technology that uses confidential environments enabled by Trusted Execution Environments. A confidential environment is a set of software and hardware features that together provide a secure, isolated execution environment for applications.

Confidential VMs are easy to use, and integrated seamlessly with other GCP products. They’re powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs — bringing a more flexible secure computing technology for our User Privacy-as-a-Service product and Cleanroom managed workflow. Together with GCP, Oasis Labs’ customers can rest assured that their data will stay confidential and secure while in use.