How It Works.

The Parcel SDK combines confidential compute with blockchain technology to create a secure and privacy-preserving trust layer for your data.

The SDK is easy to use and deploy with our simple TypeScript client and has powerful primitives to ensure data remains protected.

Key Concepts

Parcel makes it easy for you to build privacy-first experiences and handle sensitive data with less complexity by providing you with a rich, flexible set of primitives to use in your application:


An entity on the Oasis platform. You can think of these as Oasis "users". They may represent your end users, your application, or your collaborators.


A file stored on the Oasis platform. Each dataset is owned by an identity. Documents are hosted in an Oasis-managed blob store, allowing you to store any kind of file with ease, including images, videos, audio, PDFs, genomes, and JSON documents.


A program run in a confidential computing environment. Jobs are used to run analyses or transformations while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of the underlying data. Jobs can take datasets as inputs and produce datasets as outputs.


A policy that allows an identity to access certain documents. Grants allow users, including your application, to access or analyze datasets that belong to other identities.


A bundle of related grants that an end user may allow or deny when using an application. Optionally, you can specify permissions for your application for turnkey management of user permissions.


01. Steward App

Optional web portal for your end users create Oasis accounts, control access to their data, and view a history of how their data is used by applications like yours

02. Developer Portal

Where you register your application, register your client credentials, configure user permissions, and monitor your integration

03. Parcel SDK

Wraps our REST API and makes it easy to integrate with Parcel from TypeScript and JavaScript applications

04.  The Oasis Network

Logs actions taken against datasets and enforces usage policies with high integrity and audibility

05. Confidential VMs

Privacy-preserving compute environments that ensure data remains private and cannot be reused without permission

06. Rest APIs

Allows you to work directly with all of our data management primitives from any codebase

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