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“How a Startup is Using the Blockchain to Protect Your Privacy”

“Oasis Labs has an ambitious goal: a privacy-focused form of cloud computing powered by blockchain technology.”

“Crypto and venture’s biggest names are backing a new distributed ledger project called Oasis Labs.”

“Oasis Labs was named as one of Silicon Valley’s ‘Top 10 Startups to Watch’.”

“The Oasis Startup Hub will focus on aiding firms building privacy-first computing on blockchain platforms... Accel, a16z crypto, Binance Labs, Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital will all provide support for the program.”


“Oasis Labs developed new blockchain technology that proponents believe could revolutionize the way private data is handled online.”


“We can help users to maintain control of their data and at the same time to enable data to be utilized in a privacy preserving way for machine learning models.”

Oasis “aspires to conquer two of the thorniest issues that currently plague the blockchain community: lack of data confidentiality and scalability”

“Blockchain computer programs are pretty smart—that’s why we call them smart contracts—but they’re also pretty weak.”

“The Oasis platform embodies two core ideas. The first is bringing privacy and security protections previously not possible on a blockchain. The second is delivering processing capabilities with much greater performance than existing systems, even for complex applications.”

“Having trustworthy secure enclaves is [a holy grail] for building secure systems.”

“One project building on top of Oasis, known as Kara, will allow medical researchers looking at the behavior of specific diseases to train their machine learning models with data from actual patients, without the data ever being exposed.”


"The sensitivity of private patient data is a looming problem," but the Oasis platform makes it possible for Kara to create ML models while retaining patient privacy and confidentiality.