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Build your next big idea on a decentralized cloud with built-in data privacy and top-notch security.


 Designed for Developers.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, startup, or weekend tinkerer, the Oasis platform gives you the tools to make your project safe, secure, and private.



The Oasis Dashboard makes deploying, monitoring, and sharing your services easy. With just a few taps see stats around your projects, auto-fund your wallet, and use pre-existing public services for inspiration.


Rich Toolkits and Libraries

The Oasis Development SDK streamlines service development by abstracting away many of the nuances of blockchain. And if you want to dive deep into code, our WASI runtime gives you access to low-level blockchain properties.


Get started in 3 steps.

  1. Check out our quickstart guide
  2. Try out our secret ballot tutorial
  3. Deploy your service via the Oasis Dashboard



Oasis offers full-stack privacy, providing confidentiality at every layer of the protocol — from the application, to the network, down to each node. This allows for trustless privacy, where data is protected automatically with strong security guarantees.


Oasis is built on an entirely new blockchain architecture that separates computation from consensus. This new design makes Oasis faster and more robust — capable of supporting computationally complex applications unseen in traditional blockchain systems.


Using a decentralized consensus-based architecture, Oasis is able to mitigate the risk of malicious hacking, tampering, or other forms of compromise. This helps ensure that services behave as expected — protecting deployments and critical systems.


A platform for real-world applications


Decentralized Finance

Build decentralized financial services that keep transactions and user data private and confidential from end-to-end.

Read more here.

Private Data Analytics

Share and run analytics using even the most sensitive data, including medical records or trade secrets, while retaining confidentiality — lowering the risk of leaks or misuse.

More about how developers like Kara are making this a reality.

Secure DevOps 

Run infrastructure changes and upgrades with high integrity while managing cloud credentials with confidentiality, executing all outgoing API calls within secure enclaves for extra security guarantees.


Remote Device Control

Remotely manage IoT devices or infrastructure equipment — no matter how critical — with high-integrity services.

Supply Chain

Ensure your supply chain is auditable and validated without sharing every step of your distribution network with others.

Machine Learning

Train machine learning models with data from multiple entities without exposing the underlying data set and allowing users to retain control of their data.


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